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Beautiful AI QR Art

Craft remarkable AI QR Art
Tap into the power of AI with AIQrArt. Make your brand and products stand out. Break free from plain QR codes and step into a new world.

AI-Generated Art
Art Enhancement
Effortless Integration

Dynamic QR Canvas

Generate unique Black/White QR codes using an industry-leading tool. Rise above the mundane with customizable QR codes or upload your own to stand out.

Artistic QR Customizer

Artistic QR Customizer Embrace the freedom to personalize your QR codes and reflect your brand's unique style. This feature allows you to select from various AI models, input your own prompts, set your desired creativity level, and more.

QR Art Editor

Once you've generated your unique Art, you can use it across all your content types, ensuring consistent branding and creative expression.

Ready-to-Go Templates

Choose from a diverse collection of the industry's finest templates, making QR code creation effortless. Our selections cater to various industries, from Art & Design, Fashion, and Health & Fitness to Books & Literature, Pets, and Finance.

Brand Logo Inclusion

Stand out from the crowd by incorporating your own logo, making every QR code truly yours. Your brand identity remains at the forefront, enhancing recognizability and brand recall.

Insightful QR Analytics

Gain access to first-party data, advanced analytics, and more, directly from your QR codes. Make informed decisions with enriched insights. Track every scan, observe trends, and understand user behavior by country, device, total scans, scan timings, operating systems, and more.

AIQrArt Marketplace Magic

Dive into a dynamic arena where QR artistry comes alive! Craft, showcase, and trade captivating QR designs. Earn recognition through community votes, and soon, buy or sell your unique QR masterpieces. Perfect for both creators and admirers!

Why choose AIQrArt?

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AI QR Art Creation
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AI QR Art Marketplace
AI Code Branding
AI QR Art Template
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AI Models
Lora Models
Social Media Sharing
Advanced Customization Features

AIQrArt Has Been Chosen For The Microsoft For Startups Founder Hub Program


How AI Qr Arts Make a Difference


Business Cards

Modernize networking with AI QR codes.


Brand Promotion

Make your brand unforgettable with unique QR codes.


Digital Ad Campaigns

Boost engagement and ROI with QR-enhanced ads.


Museum Exhibits

Enrich exhibits with QR code information.



Bridge offline to online shopping with QR codes.


Webinars & Online Courses

Simplify sign-ups with QR code registration.


Online Advertising

Make ads interactive with QR codes.


Product Packaging

Turn packaging into interactive art with QR codes.


Music Album Covers

Elevate albums with QR codes to exclusive content.


Travel & Tourism

Enhance tours with QR-guided information.


Corporate Events

Streamline events with integrated QR codes.


Educational Resources

Connect students to resources with scannable QRs.


Event Invitations

Create excitement with artistic QR code invites.


Restaurant Menus

Revolutionize dining with QR menus.


Customer Reviews

Simplify feedback with QR code reviews.


Link Trees

Unify access to online platforms with a QR link tree.


Free Lifetime Account

  • Generate 10 AI Qr Art
  • Limited AI capabilities
  • AIQrArt watermark

License Tier 1

Personal Plan


One Time Purchase

  • Download QR codes
  • Customize QR codes
  • 300 AIQrArt Credits/Month
  • Edit QR codes
  • No AIQrArt watermark
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License Tier 2

Professional Plan


One Time Purchase

  • Download QR codes
  • Customize QR codes
  • 1000 AIQrArt Credits/Month
  • Edit QR codes
  • No AIQrArt watermark
  • Analytic QR codes
Max Benefit Plan

License Tier 3

Agency Plan


One Time Purchase

  • Download QR codes
  • Customize QR codes
  • Generate unlimited QR codes
  • Edit QR codes
  • No AIQrArt watermark
  • Analytic QR codes
  • Priority QR code generation
  • Priority customer support
  • Adding Sub Accounts
  • Faster QR code generation times


What people are saying

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John Peterson

Product Manager

AIQrArt has utterly revolutionized our business model. It's not just the simplicity of use that wins us over, but the artistry and uniqueness it brings to our brand. A highly recommended tool!

Laura Davis

Marketing Specialist

I've worked in brand promotion for years, but AIQrArt brings something new to the table. It's not just an invaluable tool, it's an entirely new canvas to work on. Our promotions have never been more engaging.

David Johnson

Digital Strategist

Our digital ad campaigns have reached new heights with AIQrArt. The tool is seamless, and the response from our audience has been overwhelming. A big shout out to the team behind this tool!

Rachel Martin

E-commerce Consultant

Since implementing AIQrArt, we've seen a remarkable increase in customer engagement. It's not just a QR code, it's a full e-commerce experience. AIQrArt is undoubtedly shaping the future of our industry.

Aaron Thompson

Online Educator

Never have I seen a tool that makes online teaching this engaging. AIQrArt made our online courses easy to navigate, interactive, and fun. Students and faculty alike appreciate the innovation.

Emily Harris

Product Designer

Incorporating AIQrArt into our product packaging turned out to be a masterstroke. The customer interaction has been phenomenal. An unexpected yet delightful innovation for our product design!

Jacob Mitchell

Travel Guide

Our tour experiences have been utterly transformed with AIQrArt. Providing instant access to information and guides has greatly enriched our service. I'm incredibly impressed by this innovation!

Natalie Wilson

Event Planner

Corporate event management has become a breeze since we started using AIQrArt. Guest check-ins, feedback collection, interactive agendas - it's all streamlined. This tool is an event planner's dream.